Plásticos Arias was established in the 1960s, with a small manufacturing facility in the city of Lugo

In 1983 Plásticos Arias became a limited liability company and moved to the “O Ceao” industrial park, where its facilities now occupy over 6,000 square meters of space

The company’s main activity is the manufacture of various types of plastic bags used to store foods, while selling other products as well. As thermoforming professionals, Plásticos Arias is a company that can manufacture everything from bags for cooking, embossed bags, bags for vacuum packaging, and even shopping bags.

We are manufacturers of vacuum packaging bags, with a long company history behind us since first being established in the city of Lugo. Over time the company has grown, and we have continued to expand our range of services in order to offer our customers a maximum-quality product, along with effective customer service.

Currently, freezer bags, embossed bags, shopping bags, and vacuum packaging bags all represent a part of our activities, including their manufacture, printing, and sale.  


The company’s philosophy is to make all departments responsible for achieving our goal of offering quality products to our customers, along with the best customer service.

Industrias Plásticas Arias

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Standard vacuum bags for stores. Basic bags for transporting food products. Freezer bags for home use, etc. Commercial bags for vacuum packaging

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Embossed Bags for packaging at home. Plastics for agriculture and for greenhouses. Shrink bags for packaging, for home or commercial use. Vacuum bags, high-quality and customizable.

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At Plásticos Arias we provide our customers with our catalog of products, including Plastic Bags, Vacuum Bags, Shopping Bags, Shrink Bags, etc. Click here to download a .pdf copy of our catalog.
Rúa da Industria 108 · Polígono industrial O Ceao · Lugo
Tel. 982 20 70 58 · Mobile 687 52 15 95 · Fax. 982 20 70 63

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Plásticos Arias, the plastics manufacturer you can trust

Our range of products is extensive: bags for vacuum packaging, thermoforming materials, shrink bags, embossed bags, and plastic bags

Welcome to! We are experts in thermoforming, vacuum bags, and shrink bags. We thank you for visiting our website, a perfect opportunity for you to learn more about our company’s activities and our product catalog, which we hope you will find useful.

Our primary activity is the manufacturing of various types of bags used for packaging foods, as well as the sale of other products. We are specialists in thermoforming, vacuum bags, embossed bags, shrink bags, and plastic bags. Plásticos Arias is also a company that manufactures everything from bags for cooking, to specific bags for use throughout the food industry, to shopping bags.

Plásticos Arias was founded in the city of Lugo in the 1960s as a manufacturer of bags for vacuum packaging, and by now our company has decades of experience in its industry. Over time the company has grown, and we have continued to expand our range of services in order to offer our customers a maximum-quality product, along with effective customer service.

Our commitment to thermoforming has gradually led us to acquire the most advanced technology in the industry, and thanks to this we are able to offer top-quality products that can be adapted to a wide range of uses.

Production of embossed bags and freezer bags, as well as the rest of the products that our company currently manufactures and sells, has allowed Plásticos Arias to achieve a remarkable position in its industry. These results have been possible thanks to the confidence of our customers, which continues to inspire us to make our best effort to improve the work we do every day.

Plásticos Arias, your company for thermoforming