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Freezing bags

Xelo Brand bags for use in the freezing of all types of food, at both domestic and industrial levels.

Freezing bag
Freezing bag


  • They have a printed white rectangle where information about the product can be noted.
  • They feature a closure with a polyamide strip and a metal core.
Temperature resistance.

Temperature resistance.

Maximum protection for the product.

Maximum protection for the product.

Technical specifications


  • 25×35 Quantities Pack 50 Bags.
  • 30×40 Quantities Pack 50 Bags.

We manufacture everything you need on demand.

You can find all our offerings in our product catalogue.

Resolve your doubts

At Arias, we have two main types of containers for freezing. On one hand, we have our Aripet freezing bags, a proprietary technology developed to improve freezing and offer more resistant materials (in different thicknesses) for freezing and ultra-freezing. We also have traditional freezing bags available under our brand Xelo.

You can preserve all types of food using freezing or ultra-freezing. This way, you can preserve meats, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and even liquids for a longer period of time. However, the choice of materials for each case depends on the type of product you need to freeze or ultra-freeze. At Arias, we provide assistance throughout the process to help you choose the option that best suits your needs.

The duration of food preservation when packaged and frozen or ultra-frozen depends on the type of product, the type of freezing and the container used.

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