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Icono teléfono982 207 058 | 687 521 595
Icono direcciónRúa de Industria 108, 27003 Lugo (Galicia)

Ask without obligation about our products.

At Arias, we specialize in manufacturing different types of bags for packaging food, such as thermoforming, vacuum bags, embossed, shrink wrap, and plastic bags. We also have the capacity to manufacture bags for cooking and for the food industry, as well as commercial bags.

Get in touch with us so that we can provide you with the solution you need.

Find us at: Rúa de Industria 108, 27003 Lugo (Galicia)
Phone: 982 20 70 58
Fax: 982 20 70 63
Mobile: 687 52 15 95
Email: info@plasticosarias.com


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