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Waxed paper

Ideal paper for wrapping food such as meat, fish, or charcuterie products.


Technical specifications


  • 27×38. Presentation: box of 20 kg.
  • 38×54. Presentation: box of 20 kg.

We manufacture everything you need on demand.

You can find all our offerings in our product catalogue.

Resolve your doubts

In our catalogue, you can discover parchment paper, food-grade film, accessories for domestic packaging machines, marking tapes, or black bags for waste disposal. Each of these items is customizable and adaptable according to the specifications and requirements of each customer.

At Arias, we employ the finest materials in all our products. Thus, depending on the type of accessory you wish to acquire, you will encounter different manufacturing materials. In any case, during the purchasing process, we provide guidance to ensure you find the product and materials suitable for your business.

Microperforated polypropylene rolls are suitable for automatic packaging machines. These films are crafted from polypropylene, boasting significant mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures. This type of material is well-suited for packaging certain products, such as bread, due to its low moisture absorption and lightweight nature.

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