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Spare parts

We offer Teflon and resistors in various widths for vacuum machines, both domestic and industrial.


We manufacture everything you need on demand.

You can find all our offerings in our product catalogue.

Resolve your doubts

The films we manufacture for our embossed rolls are made from two different materials, whose combination produces a high-quality bag that can be used in domestic packaging machines. This type of product is a key tool for better long-term food preservation.

With vacuum packaging and depending on the type of films and machine used, the maximum preservation time for food is around a month. This preservation period will also depend on the type of food. For example, meats and fish last for a shorter time than fruits and vegetables with vacuum packaging.

Embossed films are made in a way that allows for perfect food preservation, but at home. These films are specially designed with our technology to extract all the air during packaging, thus preventing food from oxidizing. This way, they can be preserved for longer periods of time.

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