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Polyolefins are one of the largest and most common groups of flexible materials. They encompass two of the most important polymers, polypropylene, and polyethylene. Their popularity stems from the wide range of applications they offer.


Ideal for the food sector, especially for products like fish that require a material that shrinks and conforms.

Perforated or microperforated as needed.

Perforated or microperforated as needed.

Can be used in steam ovens (shrinkable).

Can be used in steam ovens (shrinkable).

Technical specifications

  • Thickness: variable. Most common: 13, 19 or 23 μm.
  • Printing: printed or plain.
  • Presentation: sheet or semi-tube

We manufacture everything you need on demand.

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Resolve your doubts

Films for machines are plastics specifically designed to be used in the packaging of products primarily intended for food. Thus, we offer solutions that adapt to the type of product to be packaged and also to the type of machine that will be used in the process. At Arias, we advise and assist you in the design and manufacture of your flexible packaging.

Films for packaging machines have various applications, many of them within the food sector. This type of material is used for the production of flexible packaging that improves food preservation. We can find suitable packaging for freezing and also for the preservation of natural products.

There are various types of films for the production of flexible packaging. From thermoformed materials, lids, containers, or shrink films; to flowpack packaging, used for the packaging of chocolates, sandwich bread, or industrial pastries. Each type of film we manufacture has a specific use and at Arias, we help you find the one that is best suited for your product.

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