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Vacuum embossed bags

7,07  €incl. VAT

Vacuum embossed bags

- incl. VAT+

Select the product variant

12x50cm Bag of 100 units
13x40cm Bag of 100 units
15x24cm Bag of 100 units
15x30cm Bag of 100 units
17x24cm Bolsa de 100 uds
20x30cm Bag of 100 units
25x30cm Bag of 100 units
25x35cm Bag of 100 units
25x40cm Bag of 100 units
30x40cm Bag of 100 units
40x60cm Bag of 100 units

Additional services

Possibility of printing up to ten inks for any design.
Fast track, always fast

We manufacture your printed packaging with the highest quality in three weeks.

Fast track
Fast track

A personalized service

Shipments and deliveries

The shipment will be made through a transport agency to the address you indicate to us.

Free shipping
Free shipping

For purchases over €50

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Pack 2 embossed rolls
Pack 2 embossed rolls
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